Slash comands 2

Some of these emote commands work olor:orange;”>NEWonly when used with a username. For example: /brb (username)

agree, apologizes, argh, bark, bearhug, beg, blush,, blowk, brb, burp,, bored bow, cheer, chuckle, cry, comfort, confuse, congrat, cringe, doh, drool, eek, embrace, firebreath, kiss, fart, french, gasp, giggle, glare, gn, gree, grin, happy, hiccup, hfive, hmm, hold, howl, hum,, lag, listen, love, martian, nod, pinch, poke, ponder, purr, duck, faint, flirt, frown, groan, hug, laugh, listen, mumble, ponder, scream, smile, rose, ruffle, salute, seduce, shiver, shmoo, shrug, shy, sigh, slap, smirk, sneeze, snore, snuggle, spit, spock, squirt, stare, strut, tag, tantrum, thank, whistle, whop, wink, worship, worthy, yawn, caff, chicken, eh, honor, joy, miss, mmm, gee, yeah, beer, boo, cmon, drunk, loser, moo, power, relax, sick, sorry, warcry, wave, phew, wohoo, tpyo, mxit


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